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An enriching and practical journey


to being with horses

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Unique Experiences

Personalized to your individual or group goals

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Hello! We are Bend Horse Talk

Learning by listening… to yourself and the horses.


Horses have the ability to teach us many things if we learn to listen. Come experience and learn to communicate with horses, understand horse perspective, herd dynamics, your leadership skills, safe handling, equipment, and how to care for horses. Learn About Horses is sure to teach you about yourself as well as why horses are very special partners. 

Whether you come because horses fascinate you, or you come to get practical experience, you will satisfy both. If you are considering riding lessons, volunteering, or improving your relationship with a horse, this ground based experience is a perfect fit.

About us

with a professional background in teaching and a lifetime of horsemanship, we will provide you with a targeted and comprehensive learning experience.


Shera Felde

Founder, Progam Facilitator
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Why Bend Horse Talk?

Located in beautiful Bend Oregon, we offer sessions to suit your schedule and your personal or group goals:

  • Focused to suit client goals.
  • Single visit or ongoing sessions.
  • Group, private, and on location for clients with horses.
  • No experience needed.


Program Details

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Upcoming events and Stories.

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A great foundation for anyone considering owning a horse, taking riding lessons, volunteering at a rescue, or who is just fascinated by horses and how we learn from them.

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This session goes into the practical aspects of caring for horses, safe handling, equipment, housing and much more.

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The world of horse tack; horse selection for adoption; choosing professionals to work with; costs associated with horses; and a myriad of resources can be overwhelming. If you’re considering working with or adopting a horse, this session will answer many of these questions. Practice tacking up a horse, safe handling while getting confident with the many tools and options to know about before riding.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to improve your understanding of horses and your confidence in safe and effective handling.

Only you and the horses
2 hours

  • Scheduled to suit your needs
  • Personalized to meet your goals
  • Available at our location or yours

Group Session

2-8 Participants- 3 hours
Price per person

  • Ideal for friends or family members
  • Scheduled to suit your needs
  • Personalized to meet individual’s goals
  • Available at our location or yours


What do clients say?

  • “This class was hands on and fun.”


  • “Wonderful introduction to horses- yet detailed enough to improve an experienced horse person’s knowledge.”


  • “Shera was a great instructor- very knowledgeable in horses and with an ability to share their knowledge in an easy, understandable way.”


  • “Very helpful, knowledgeable, was good at relating things in a way that was easy to understand.”


  • “Sensitive to individual needs- which was great because of the varied experience levels.”


  • “A wonderful first step to riding or owning horses.”


  • “Excellent instructor- patient, thorough, interesting and interested, very knowledgeable.”


  • “Loved it, loved it, loved her!”


  • “Worth the time and expense. Wonderful experience.”


  • “Shera was gentle, caring, and accepting.”


What do you know about wild horses?

One of our herd was born to a wild mare while in the care of a local rescue. We strongly support learning more about the welfare of wild herds and rescue horses.

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