A rescue can turn out to be our greatest horse


When I went looking for adult horses to purchase years ago, I naturally started at our local rescue, Equine Outreach Institute. When I arrived there, they had recently brought in 70+ horses who were wild on the nearby reservation and needed to find homes. Many had never been handled at all by humans and many were pregnant. As I roamed around the rescue, one of these mares and her ten day old filly were in a separate paddock to give them some time and space alone. I spotted this beautiful sorrel filly standing so interested in the world outside her metal railing. Tall, bright eyed, and perfectly formed. I just stood and admired her.

As it turned out, none of the rescue’s adult horses were healthy or trained enough for my novice riding husband or for the equine facilitated learning business, but I couldn’t get this filly out of my mind. Among all the babies there, she was so special to me. My husband and I spent the next few months vacillating between adopting her and not adopting her once she was weaned. We didn’t need a baby, and I had never trained a horse from such a young age before.

We found two wonderful horses for both our riding interests and the business in the months to follow. Several months later, I checked the rescue’s web site and saw that my filly was still there waiting for a home. I couldn’t believe it. It was for me a sign she was waiting for me to realize our connection. We have had “Story” now for three years and she has become both a wonderful partner in riding adventures (just starting) and a wonderful addition to the business. She turned 4 yesterday. I think her wild horse heritage is a big part of her outgoing and trusting nature. I believe rescue horses know how important this special connection is…