Learn about Horses?

I have met many individuals who, like me, grew up loving horses, riding, even owning horses and yet, not knowing some very important things about them. For many of us, our families were not interested in horses so we learned whatever we did by hanging around the stables (and reading horse stories!)

The reason I offer this choice is because I now know there is so much to understand about horses that far transcends riding correctly. Understanding horse psychology, their physical and herd needs, their healthcare, and their unique language is a whole other world.

If you are dissatisfied with your horse or maybe you’re considering getting a horse, this offer is for you. Because horses can put our safety at risk with their size, and they’re expensive to keep, we should respect the role of owner and partner enough to go into it fully aware of how to be capable and responsible for both our sakes.

In my view, adopting a horse should be for the span of its life, as it is with our beloved dogs and cats. The learning curve and responsibilities are a lot greater, though, with horses.


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