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Learn About Horses

If you are fascinated by horses and would like to understand more about them, Bend Horse Talk can provide experiences that will help you learn about: the psychology and language of horses, herd dynamics, care and wellbeing, safety, handling, equipment, tack and resources.

How do we communicate using language horses understand? How do we stay safe understanding their cues? Why do horses do what they do? Whether you are a horse owner, are considering becoming a horse owner or rescue volunteer, or are just fascinated by horses, come and explore. What makes a content horse? How can we tell if a horse is not feeling well? What personality differences can we look for? These are all topics we will explore together while trying out some care, communication, and honing our skills of observation. All three sessions are on the ground, no riding, and no experience is needed.


Part one: Communicating with Horses

Horses have the ability to teach us many things if we know how to listen. Come experience communication with horses, horse perspective, herd dynamics, your leadership skills, handling, and safety. This first class is sure to teach you more about yourself as well as why horses are very special teachers. Each class is tailored to the experience of the participants, No experience needed and no riding involved. Topics covered include: The Language of Horses, The Perspective of Horses, Herd Dynamics, Safety, Handling: Relationship building, Leading, Collecting.

Part two: Caring for Horses

What does it take to really care for a horse? What do they need to be healthy, content, and willing to partner with us? In this class, we pick up where part 1 left off and review all aspects of Health, Psychological Well-being, Housing, Feed, Grooming, Handling: groundwork, trailering, training, Equipment, and Resources.

Part Three: From Gear to Go with Horses

The world of horse tack; horse selection for adoption; choosing professionals to work with; costs associated with horses; and a myriad of resources can be overwhelming. If you’re considering working with or adopting a horse, this session will answer many of these questions. Practice tacking up a horse, safe handling while getting confident with the many tools and options to know about before riding.


  • Understanding of the physical needs of horses
  • Understanding psychological needs of horses
  • Understanding herd dynamics and communication
  • Practice with handling, grooming, tack
  • Learning about costs, logistics, and ownership
  • Understand safety with horses and for horses



One Part (Group Session)

1 session – 3 Hours- 2-8 participants

Price $100.00  per person  

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Series: Parts 1 + 2 + 3 (Group Session)

3 sessions – 3 Hours each – 2-8 participants

Price $270.00  per person  

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One Part (Private Session)

1 session – 2 Hours

Price $120.00

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Series: Parts 1 + 2 + 3 (Private Session)

3 sessions – 2 Hours each

Price $325.00

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